Creating terrain in roblox from blender mesh?

So, I’ve created the baseline for what is the terrain for my game in blender.

I need it to be in roblox, with the mesh being represented by smooth terrain (its breddy big)
I believe there was once a plugin for creating smooth terrain out of an .obj file, but can’t anymore find that.

I could possibly create a heightmap from it and use @VolcanoINC 's Heightmap importer, but it makes everything blocky, needing dozens of hours of after-edits to smoothen out all the terrain

So how would I go about this, or are there better ways?

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Consider using Weeve’s BuildIn library to import your mesh as parts, and then use Quenty’s part to terrain plugin.


Well sadly it seems the library you recommended isn’t able to handle my terrain causing script timeouts (its a bit over a million lines in .obj format)

You could try doing it in sections at a time.

wait for the official terrain importer?

I have tried it already (editing a FFLag to get it), but sadly everything is blocky like seen in the picture

Probably due to the color range in heightmaps not being accurate enough for smooth surfaces

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i see. have you tried smoothing the height map by blurring the colours into each other a bit to see if that helps?

I tried gaussian blur, and it does help a “bit”, but do it enough to help and most terrain features get lost entirely because of the blur

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