Creating vegetation


I’m attempting to achieve a sort of vegetation/tree style as to:

I’ve had a go at recreating this in the same concept in C4D and it came out as something I wasn’t really happy with it since it looked like it was the segments colliding in with each other as shown [here]

I’ve tried to use an extra segment instead of 4 and rotated it slightly in different directions (only to 1-2 degrees)

Does anyone have any tips or solutions?


I’ve seen those screenshots from somewhere before, they look great :open_mouth:


Yeah its from Trainware, BuilderAtWork


Have you tried using decals or particle emissions with the selected decal? :3


No I haven’t, but I would of assumed that takes up more memory


I believe he uses a combination of meshes, textures and decals to make that look. You can look on turbosquid to possibly get a tree mesh or just look on the mesh page itself and then find a proper “leaf” texture to make it look just like that.


Yeah would’ve thought so


Good work my dude.


That’s a good idea he said. I get some of mine there. Also that looks pretty sicc man.


@C0_le @marioredtoad Thank you! Just wish there was some alpha channels in roblox


First time I’ve seen that type of nature style be executed well. Good job. But I’d like to add that I wouldn’t recommend putting that type of vegetation if you intend to have the player come closer than you have the camera, because that ruins the atmosphere as you can easily see that they are decals.


Aye, I was only planning to make them been seen over large distances