Creations dashboard often fails to load

I use chrome as my web browser on a windows machine. When I turn on my machine and open chrome, my browser tabs resume. Often, resuming web tabs of the creator dashboard never properly load. Instead I get a mostly blank black page with a footer and a Roblox logo on the bottom. To fix this, I have to refresh the page.

This is not an emergency or a breaking bug, but I usually encounter this bug once a day and it gives me a sense that the platform is a low quality product.

What I see:

With Inspect open:

Expected behavior

I expect that resuming a web browser tab of Roblox create dashboard to load fully.
What I expect to see:

Page URL:

Hi there, I want to acknowledge that this is indeed a known issue and we are actively working on it. At this moment here’s what I can share:

  • Unfortunately it’s not an easy fix so it’d take some time, but my current hope is somewhere in Q3 2023
  • Refreshing the page is actually the best way of resolving the issue, do a hard refresh if you have to

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this! I’ll provide more update on this later if possible.


Hi there! We believe we have patched this issue. Wondering if you could confirm if the issue is still happening? Thanks!