Creator Dashboard Does NOT Automatically Translate Quotas if Changing the SOURCE LANGUAGE

Reproduction Steps

  1. Log into the Roblox website through your computer/small device;
  2. Once being logged in with your Roblox account, go to Creator Hub > Creator Dashboard;
  3. At Creator Dashboard, select an existing experience created under your profile/from a group you are the owner or the developer;
  4. Head to the Localization section;
  5. Change the Source Language to another language, for instance, Portuguese (only if the Source Language of the experience is primarily English);
  6. Confirm all of the new configurations;
  7. On Supported Languages, add a new language.

Expected Behavior

I expected that once changing the Source Language of the experience, nothing would happen out of the blue and I would continue along with setting up other sections.

Actual Behavior

The actual behavior shows that once doing this process, the supported languages you have added do not automatically translate, even those that are fully supported on the Roblox platform.

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It is also important to state that if you have an experience with in-game interfaces, it also does not translate as well once changing the language, especially if you try clearing everything up.

Thanks for the report. I filed a ticket to our internal database.



Bumping on this topic to mention that the issue remains the same and as checking one of the experiences I am working on, it seems that it is not letting users choose other languages in-game if the Source Language is in Portuguese.

@peraldon, may you share among the Creator team to help us? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks :pray:t2:

Hey @JuanGamerPlayz_RBLX, apologies for our delayed response on this. This is an expected behavior and not a bug because automatic translation is not currently supported for non-English source languages. If you’d like automatic translation to be supported, please change your source language back to English.

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@melonwhine Are there any expectations to have it supported for other languages as the primary language for Roblox experiences? It would be beneficial as you wouldn’t need to re-write everything in English just to have it fully understood for the rest… Besides, it would be switching cards, so I don’t see why not have it supported.

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