Creator Dashboard Links to Someone Else's Developer Product As My Own / Mysterious Undocumented "TargetID" Value?

Reproduction Steps
When right clicking to copy a dev product asset ID, I get the wrong ID copied to my clipboard:

The ID that should be copied to my clipboard is 1170774760
The ID that is actually copied to my clipboard is 7504219 which is a random asset owned by some random user named tallroby.

From the “Configure Experience” page it shows that the correct ID is 1170774760

Running MarketplaceService:GetProductInfo shows that my dev product is correct. Peculiarly, there is an undocumented ID in this marketplace info called “TargetId” which is the ID equivalent to tallroby’s product

However, this product also has a TargetID which links to a non-existent product, so I’m guessing TargetID doesn’t actually link to another dev product either? It doesn’t seem to be user ID, or group ID, or experience/place ID based. It also isn’t the ID of the image asset. Seems to be something else entirely.

Either way, the fact that the creator dashboard copies the wrong ID to your clipboard can lead to a number of bad outcomes. An explanation for what this TargetID means would be appreciated.

I am on Opera, which shouldn’t matter in this case.

Expected Behavior

  1. The creator dashboard should link to the ProductID, not the TargetID
  2. TargetID should either not be appearing in the product info when calling MarketplaceService:GetProductInfo, or this should be documented.

Actual Behavior
The creator dash board links your product’s TargetID instead, whatever that is.

Use the “Edit Experience” page to get your product IDs instead of the creator dashboard.

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL:[Universe ID]/associated-items
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-02-12 00:02:00 (-07:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2022-02-12 00:02:00 (-07:00)
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Hello! I can’t repro this issue. Does it still occur to you?

Yes, it is still happening for me. If I go to my developer products page (, and copy the ID on one of the gamepasses, I still get the TargetId instead of the ProductId. I am stull unsure of what TargetId is supposed to mean, as it is undocumented and has no real use in processing transactions (holy freudian slip) from what I can tell.

TargetId is used for the image / icon of the DevProduct.

Time to revive this thread - I believe this was sorted ages ago, but please let us know if this is still happening!

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This is fixed for the example in my OP, and I haven’t been seeing this bug with any new places/assets, so you should be able to close this out. Thanks!

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