Creator Dashboard should show shared places

The Creator Dashboard does not currently show shared places, which means viewing these places still requires you to open Studio.

The Creator Dashboard should allow you to view places that have been shared with you via edit permissions, just like the Shared With Me tab within Studio allows for, because this would allow me to see all the games I can edit, as opposed to just the ones I or a group created.


There are a lot of things that need to be added to the creator dashboard. They also keep changing it back and forth for some reason? I’d love to see these changes made in the near future.


This is a great request - agreed that it would be super helpful. We’re doing a lot of work around the permissions setup generally right now, so I’m going to work and make sure this can come along as part of the overall project there. Can’t promise any timeline, but we’re actively working on this stuff today.



This would be a great addition. It would be even better if we could see what we are able to manage in the place there too, since without being able to see the place, we’re unable to change some shared settings for the place (they are denied in Game Settings).