Creator Dashboard\Associated Items\Developer Products should show Robux price

I should be able to see the price of these at glance, I really shouldn’t have to click to view an entirely different window just to see the Robux price



Thanks for this feedback. Could you expand on how often you want to see the Robux price - is it basically every time you come to this view, or do you come to this view for other actions as well?

there’s really not much you can do in this view so yes, displaying Robux price would be great.

what I was trying to do is look at each developer product image and name and check if the price is correct.

i couldn’t do that with the current selection of displayed informatiom

To add on to this, it would be cool if you could click the price and change it without having to go to the asset’s configure page. Same goes for name, and possibly even a quick button to change the image as well