Creator Documentation: Balancing Virtual Economies

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Our team is excited to share our new Balancing Virtual Economies article where you can learn about tracking the health of your economy and running balanced live operations, including:

  • Data-driven content
  • Resource planning
  • Impact estimation
  • Resource sinks

These concepts should be customized based on your experience’s unique economy and the types of liveops events that make the most sense for your players.

Stay tuned for more relevant content like this, including topics on Utilizing Subscriptions and LiveOps Planning.

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Great article. I would love to see some sort of analytics dashboard where we can integrate our custom data values such as money, XP, etc. The only one I know of is GameAnalytics but it isn’t very intuitive and it’s a third party.


Oh dear. I’m assuming (and hoping) this has to do with the current feature where in-experience events are created by developers. A lot of people might mistake this for the 2019 LiveOps returning in their former state.

Edit: I guess it doesn’t matter anymore since traditional events in their former state are also gone (looking at you Egg Hunts; I will exempt the awards from this complaint since Roblox did the right thing under the circumstances).


Amazing article, this will come in handy!


Useful, but does it actually work?


Sounds nice! I only hope this thing won’t bring all the information in Roblox’s hands… It won’t, right?


If I think about it, it might be quite an interesting feature when buying in game items. For example, if your game sells something for in game currency you can easily find out the most sold item and upper the price so people will grind for it more and spend more time in your game.