Creator Store API "Invalid path request"

I’m currently making a python script to get assets off of the creator store. I’m using the Creator Store Product API, and trying to get the default sword.

Every time I send the request though, I get this as the response:

{'code': 'INVALID_ARGUMENT', 'message': 'Invalid path request for creator-store-products'}
import requests
import dotenv
import os

KEY = os.getenv("KEY")

product = 47433
base_url =f"{product}"

headers = {
  "x-api-key": KEY,

response = requests.get(base_url, headers=headers)

print(base_url) #

I’m using pretty much the same curl command they gave as an example, and in the documentation, it says creator-store-product is the ID of the product.

The authentication is fine, the key has all the perms it needs, so what’s going on? Any help would be appreciated!

Ok, so looks like Roblox wants it to be something along the lines of “creator-store-products/ProductNamespace-ProductType-123”, but I can’t find any info on what product namespace or product type are.

If you input a string for the namespace, you get:

{ "code": "INVALID_ARGUMENT", "message": "ProductNamespace cannot be Invalid. (Parameter 'ProductNamespace')" }

So at the very least, I think it’s a number. For an official, fleshed out cloud API, it’s a bit weird how there are zero things explaining how to at least send a valid request.

Does anyone have more info on this?

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