Creature Animation

Oh yesss I had some fun and some stressful times with this animation, I did this for fun.

How does it look?
(Honestly I have no clue what I made)


Hard to give feedback on something that neither of us know what it is :sweat_smile: It’s kinda mesmerising though!


Lol agreed, I was thinking about a aura thing but I was just playing around with blender abit.

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Doesn’t hurt to mess around and increase your skills!

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That is true! never expect when you become better and better.

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I like it altho idk what that is

I think we’re all clueless on what it is lmao.

The title says “Creature Animation”, so maybe this is a creature?

It gives me some horror, sci-fi, mystery vibes.

I thought it looked like an eyeball with some random tentacle-looking thing being attached to it. :rofl:

:joy: :joy: That made me laugh, but yeah I was trying to go for a Sci-fi kind of thing but as you can see I got no clue what I’ve made sadly LOL.

But thanks for the laughs!

Reminds of those little things in big hero six. Also looks like an eyeball…? Whatever it is, it looks neat.
About the animation though, The starting wasn’t smooth when those things got into place beside the ball. After that it went great. Awesome.

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