Creature model feedback for game


Awesomeeeeee. I’ve been looking at all your models and thoroughly enjoy them all. I am not a graphically inclined individual so in terms of proper feedback I have none. This creature is just ugly enough to be cute and punchable at the same time. I only wonder if it had Ogre like lower canines would it complete the mouth portion for me. Feels like something is missing in that area. Keep up the amazing work!


Woah, the face of the “creature” there. Its looks like a guy got cursed into a Chinese New Year Mouse.

Forget the jokes, looks nice overall but can you please make the face of it more adorable, sorry to say but I’m kinda off with the face, nothing else :slight_smile:

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I like the fur and the the overall look of your character! But to be honest, I’m not a big fan of the face. As @ViroTGP_YT stated, you could try to make the face more adorable. But still, this is a nice model!