Creature model - looking for names

Okay I have been working on this for the past week.
Time taken: ~5 hours.

I have not yet retopologized it, but when I do, the polycount should be <10K. (I plan to use the multi-resolution modifier so I can get good details when texturing).

His species needs a name before I can go on with texturing.


This is extremely great, I would name it Greg. And, I would rate it 9.5/10. Would love to see it be painted.


if it’s a dino species then you can do something like a Hanosaur or maybe Paleosaurus?

if you can tell me what real life species it’s based on then I (and others) can hopefully help come up with good ideas

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If this was a horror game animal I would name it something scary like “The Bone Shaker” or “The Reaper.” Overall Very Nice!

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how did you come up with the idea for this?

Do you mean personal name or species name?

For species name, call it a posikromp (pronounced poe-sick-romp, possy-kromp, or poss-e-kromp)

For personal name, if it’s a boy call him Larry, if it’s a girl call her Edith.


It gives me name of species as hornatopus direxus

Probably Hamish Benedict The Third


I would name it bob XD cause idk why lol

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I like this one best, thanks! (THE POSIKROMP)

I would pronounce it paw-sic-kromp

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deez? lol maybe a jimmy kinda looks like a jimmy

Something to do with the word “bone”. Idk, just feeling it.

Maybe we could do something like “Bonerunner”?..

Or maybe gerald? :sunglasses:

(flat+ tail+ raptor)