Credit Card GUI Mockup

What do you think of this Credit Card Mockup?

You can visit the game here to copy this for your selves or test it out, there is a flip button.

So, what could I improve on adn what’s good about it?


It’s not bad actually, the one thing that bugs me is that how spaced out everything is on the ui, but that’s just my ocd lol

Overall, not too shabby


Nice, it looks just like a credit card. I recommend adding a design for the background and some information on the back.

I have just found how to use the UIGRadient so I will be creating a background for the front, and adding lots moretext and images to the backto make it look more legit

Great, I hope to see what it looks like after the additions.

Here we go, the front so far

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I feel like the credit card number is too close on the edge, I would add a few spaces behind it.


It looks pretty good in my opinion, just some of the words are a bit too spaced out, great job!

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This is a very cool UI. Some suggestions I have is to fix the Text spacing. Other than that, it looks great!

It’s not so bad, but at least when they ask for the funny digits on the back you can give them this.

(Edit was from grammar error.)

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Looks nice but some UI elements need to be repositioned in my opinion.

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make the card number 3d looking, like duplicate it and color the duplicated text gray or something and move it slightly behind the credit card text and it looks 3d.

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