Crediting a resource that is off-site


In my game, I’m looking to credit all of the people and resources I’ve used, however there’s one exception:
I use the feather icon kits and want to credit them with their website, however the website is off-roblox. Linking off-site websites is against the TOS so what should I do instead?

I would suggest providing their name or the creator of the icons instead. So for instance, if I use flaticon icons then instead of linking their website I can credit them by saying something like “Credits to flaticon for the coin icon”


It doesn’t really have a specific creator, I could say the game used Feather’s Icon Pack, but given they’re open source, they don’t really require credit. I kinda feel guilty for not crediting so that may work. I’ll wait for a few other responses to see if they say the same thing.


Also you can check popular Roblox games and see how they credit their stuff

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That is where Adopt Me! puts their credits link.

And this is how they put it.

Game link: Adopt Me! - Roblox
DevForum topic link: Adopt Me - Careers, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Credits