CreditsMix Games | SFA Rules

Rules for Swim For Admin

Last updated: June 24, 2020

Listed below are the rules that apply for all players in Swim For Admin.

1. Admin abusing is not allowed.

  • Every player has the ability to use admin commands. However, spamming admin commands to disrupt the game flow is not allowed. This includes spam killing, exploding, or doing anything that will cause server lag/destruction. Staff will enforce rules as necessary.

2. Use admin commands appropriately.

  • Some commands like music and gear have auto-search enabled. You should not be using any admin commands inappropriately. This includes playing loud/inappropriate music, or inserting gears that will disrupt the game flow.

3. Advertising

  • By playing the game, you should automatically be following the game rules. You are not allowed to advertise any groups, games, or share any links. Any attempts to violate this rule will result in consequences.

4. Misuse of the in-game “Call” feature.

  • This feature allows players to report other users who are violating game rules. CreditsMix Games have staff who assist those that are in need. Taking advantage of this feature and misusing the call system may result in consequences.

5. Use all in-game perks and tools appropriately.

  • One of the in-game perks in SFA includes the F3X building tools. Players have the advantage of building any creation that comes to mind. The power of creativity comes at a price. All builds must be appropriate. Use common sense for this rule.

6. Server Agents

  • Players who purchase Server Agent are given extra abilities which allows them to kick players, remove a player’s admin commands, and more! Abuse of the gamepass may result in consequences. You are responsible for the actions you make. There are no refunds for this gamepass.

7. Cheating/Exploiting

  • There have been numerous players who have attempted to cheat/exploit the game. This is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban. Therefore, there will be no appeals for this behavior.

Violation of any rule listed above may result in consequences. Rules may be updated without notice. It is your responsibility to follow the game rules and regularly check it.