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July 25th, 2019 Update Log

Introducing major changes to Swim For Admin created by CreditsMix. This update includes a brand new designed map, redesigned GUIs, a new admin script, and many other features! Alongside these new changes, expect more updates coming soon to gamepasses, in-game shop items, and codes!

New Features

  • Map Design. Introduces a new and aesthetic island surrounded by smaller lands where you can play, move, swim around, and have fun!

  • Build Island. Upon owning Building Tools, players now have free space to build anything of their choice on the building island. Inappropriate builds will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.

  • Admin System. The HD admin command script will replace the current admin in-game with 80+ new commands available for everyone! Players can now use commands on all and others with the exception of administrative staff & agents. Credit to ForeverHD for the admin script.

  • Daily Rewards. Playing the game each day will now result in daily rewards! Starting from $200 Credits, players now have an option to multiply daily rewards for R$15. Missing a day from the game will result in daily streak loss.

  • Moderation System. Players can now use the in-game “Call” feature which allows them to report game bugs and players violating rules. This applies to bullying, harassment, the disruption of game flow, inappropriate language/behavior, and exploiting. Game administrators are identified by their golden tag and chat color.

  • Premium Pass. Applies to users who bought the gamepass. Certain commands such as the :hat, :face, and :gear command will allow unique advanced searching with name instead of ID (i.e., :hat me Dominus).

  • Server Agents. Introduced access to :logs and /color to change chat color. Chat color selection varies from red, green, orange, brown, pink, black, blue, purple, and yellow (i.e., /color red). Agents now have access to server ban players from the game, with a limit up to once a day. Run the command /ban player to ban a player from the server.

  • Elite Access. Available for purchase in-game. Players who own this pass will receive a purple chat color and obtain the ability to kick players once a day with the /kick player command.

  • DJ Access. To play music, players are required to purchase the DJ Access gamepass. You can now play your song and start jamming with the :music (song name) command!

  • AFK Mode. The game autodetects AFK players.You can tell if another player is AFK by looking at their character and observing a transparent effect.

  • Codes. Codes are now much more efficient and secure with the new codes system. Use this code in-game for a prize “UpdateLog”.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Game checks for cheaters. You are required to swim to get admin.

  • Members who receive admin cannot use admin commands on non-admins.

  • Data wipe is now in place, and players were notified before the update.

  • Gamepass bonuses will remain after data wipe.

  • New anti-exploit system implemented.

Thanks for 7 million visits! It is much appreciated and we look forward to hearing feedback from you guys! Join the group to support us at CreditsMix Games! :heart:

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