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About Me

Hello, I’m Creepkiller / Creep / Zoid, I apologize for the large number of names; I’ve been on Roblox since before 2015–making me almost a decade on this platform–roughly half of that time (5+) years I’ve amassed a lot of experience in the scripting/programming world of Roblox and believe I have a lot to offer.








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Advanced GUI:




Code Snippets:



Timezone: PST/PDT

I am available for six to eight hours of work on weekdays & weekends.
Roughly from (2 PM - 8PM/10PM) : (14:00 - 20:00/22:00)

You can contact me any time; however, I am less likely to work on weekends, as I still possess a life.


Prices are negotiable, after a price & time are specified, you cannot change the agreement unless both (or more) parties agree. My preferred method is USD, (Paypal/Zelle/Cashapp/Venmo). I do not do out-of-country orders, you must reside within the United States; this is for legal reasons.

Small Orders (<2 days work):
Minimum $5 USD / 450 Robux

Medium Orders (1 Week of work) [I am less likely to accept these]:
Minimum $15 / 1200 Robux

Large Orders (2+ Weeks | Team/Project works):
Negotiable, contact me. Short answer: USD only, $30+


You can contact me here on Developer Forum, Discord, or Talent Hub:
:warning: By contacting me, you understand that you have read my portfolio and understand the outlined terms, services, and payment prices.

If you are serious and are dead-set on hiring me, please fill out my terms and conditions:



Talent Hub:

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: