Cremé | Handbook

About Cremé:

:wave: | Cremé is an upcoming virtual coffee based company in Roblox. Everyday we strive to be successful and to make your experience truly remarkable! We work to achieve a positive impression to our wonderful customers and staff.

:coffee: | Cremé was founded on the 25/12/18 by @Niqhtlyy but wasn’t officially launched until the 25/5/20! They have tried to create a positive community on all related Cremé commodities.

Table of Contents

  • Alliance Guide
  • FAQs
  • Session Schedule
  • Experienced Barista Promotion Guide
  • Warnings Policy
  • Appeals Guide

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Alliance Guide

:handshake: | Allies are a fantastic way to help groups grow, and at Cremé we are happy to form allies with groups that meet our requirements.

  • Minimum of 100 group members.

  • Non-toxic community.

  • Active Discord server.

  • Allies are required to make announcements of Cremé events/special announcements when the group requests.

  • Allies can expect to have their own events and special announcements show on our Discord upon request from an Alliance Representative.

  • At least 1-2 high ranked people from your group to be an Alliance Representative in the group and Discord server.

If you reach all said requirements, send a message to a Public Relations representative or higher!


:question: | How can I work at Cremé?

Getting a job at Cremé is easy. Simply join our group, and then visit our Application Center!

:question: | How can I be promoted after I am a Trainee?

After getting the Awaiting Training rank, you are eligible to attend a training session. At this training session, you will be trained on how to work at Cremé.

After you have got your rank, you can attend more training sessions to rank up further.

:question: | Are users with safechat allowed to work at Cremé?

People with safechat are allowed to work at Cremé and get to Experienced Barista. After this, you will need to be safechat free in order to rank up further. Our MR team does not employ any users with safechat.

Session Schedule

:clock3: | Located here is our session schedule. Please note that all sessions have the liability to be cancelled, or delayed for up to 15 minutes.


Shifts do not use a schedule, as they are randomly hosted by Management+ employees.


Applications operate 24/7 and they do not close!


Our current training schedule is as follows:


10:00 AM GMT | 5:00 AM EST
2:00 PM GMT | 9:00 AM EST
7:00 PM GMT | 4:00 PM EST


9:00 AM GMT | 4:00 AM EST
1:00 PM GMT | 9:00 AM EST
8:00 PM GMT | 5:00 PM EST

Experienced Barista Promotion Guide

:man_cook: | Here we will explain the best ways to achieve Assistant Supervisor. We will also tell you what not to do to stop you from doing something that could decrease your chances of receiving a promotion.

What to do:

You should be serving guests, cooking whenever you can, mopping, and any other little jobs like that, as they can also help increase your chances of a promotion. Grammar is mandatory if you wish to get to Assistant Supervisor, and all ranks above Trainee are required to use it. Good activity shows you are fit to be a Assistant Supervisor. This doesn’t mean doing 8 hours one day, and not going on for the rest of the week, it means 1-2 hours a day, every day of the week. On average, it would take about 2-4 weeks to get Assistant Supervisor, however this may vary from person to person.

What NOT to do:

Hinting is the easiest way to kill your chances of a promotion. Promotions are given based on effort, not by asking for it. Don’t ask to serve MR+ either, they will come over if they wish to eat, so never try to seek the attention of the MRs, because they are paying attention to everyone.

Warnings Policy

:exclamation: | Trollers show up often at games like this, and here we are going to tell you how to deal with them. We use a 1 warning system at Cremé. After this one warning, LRs should call for an MR and they will ban the troller. We don’t kick trollers, because we realize that if a troller just has the intention to troll, then there is no point allowing them to return on that occasion.

Please note that exploiters, bypassers and spammers do not receive warnings, and an MR+ should be called right away.

Appeals Guide

:writing_hand: | In the case that you are permanently banned, or demoted from the game or Discord, you can appeal. The only way that you can appeal is via our communications server, which you must be 13+ to join. After joining, you can create an Appeal Support ticket, and a member of our support team will be with you to assist you past this point.

Any incidents regarding racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, or ableism are unappealable.


:wave: | That concludes our handbook! The entire Cremé SHR Team thanks you for taking the time to read through this, and we can ensure that by following our guidelines, we will all have a great time at Cremé.

Last Updated: 04/04/2021 by @Niqhtlyy