CrimeLife: General Game Design

I feel my current new game crimelife ([ALPHA] CrimeLife - Roblox) feeling a little to blank, have tons of robbery’s and cars including helicopters, then again I think it’s caused no players since I did not run ads yet. I’m looking on feedback I can improve on it to make it 100% better.

Platforms: game able to play on laptop,pc,mobile phone,tablet
Game: [ALPHA] CrimeLife - Roblox


Love the idea and game, the only thing I could think of you possibly needing to change is the currency name, it doesn’t sound really good when you say it/ the name doesn’t go together too well.


True currently also kind don’t want to do it as it’s unique and it will reset all of my players current cash.

I could do that do with keeping the old data store but there is like 300 and 50 modules scripts and I would have to reprogram a line in almost every script

You could most likely keep the same data store you use currently, but just change the frontend to change the name

Not going to lie, it’s like a better Jailbreak.

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I would have replied earlier, but I have just received new member. The game does as deserted said:

Not going to lie, it’s like a better jailbreak

I completely agree, part of my opinion is based on the now “I want to make as much money as possible” type of idea in Jailbreak. The only real complaint I have on the game right now is the building style looking simular to Jailbreak, but it’s hard to go back and change everything. To all who read this, I’m very sorry if this isn’t your standard post on the Dev Forum. I’m still new and learning.

UI is a bit messy. Maybe a bit of organization?


I say you centralize the money on the left, maybe make it look like a credit card or something, like this:

It’s not good at all, but eh, it’s an idea.

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Also, it’s better than jailbreak’s slapstick put-a-texture-on-a-Block-and-call-it-a-day method. It looks like you put a bit more effort into your building.

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