Criminal - Update Log


Update Log

Version 0.0.5

  • More Structures created in new map
  • FPS counter added
  • In-game currency created but no function yet
  • Testing map features
  • Original game place turned into main menu
  • Main menu created and decorated
  • Traffic lights work correctly
  • Clipping of parts fixed

Past Updates

Version 0.0.4
  • Some structures constructed in new game map
  • Testing of new game map began
  • Game was made public but in testing phase and costed 25 robux
  • Day/Night cycle scripted for new map
  • Streetlights automatically turn on at night time

Version 0.0.3
  • Multiplayer & Story Mode places created
  • New game map construction began
  • Accessibility to multiplayer mode added in very basic gui

Version 0.0.2
  • First buildings created
  • Testing began

Version 0.0.1
  • Game was created