Criminality Summer Update #1

V2.0.0 | 21/05/2023

The largest Criminality update to date.

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  • SALE!

    • Gamepasses are temporarily on sale

    • Nunchucks gamepass [LIMITED TIME]


  • Added V2 gun revamp:

    • Improved & revamped framework

    • New animations

    • New SFX

    • New VFX

    • Added new keybind “G” to inspect new V2 guns

    • Added animation camera shake

    • Improved tracers

    • Lots more details & QOL additions/changes

  • Added gun upgrades system:

    • Accessible at the inventory tab from dealer/armory stores

    • (Currently for the following):

      • MAC-10

      • MP7

      • Tommy

      • UMP-45

      • AKS-74U

      • M4A1

      • FN-FAL

  • Added new weapons:

    • SCAR-H

    • Sledgehammer

  • Added daily login rewards system

    • Prime players get more rewards including a free skin case!

  • Added short power-slide mechanic (sprint + crouch)

  • Added procedural movement animations

  • Added new intro

  • Added new backpack/hotbar UI system

  • Added new map materials (toggleable with Advanced Materials setting)

  • Added minor map additions & changes

  • Added improved ragdoll physics

  • Added improved laser pointer attachment

  • Added new setting “Advanced Particles” (for new gun muzzle flashes)

  • Added improved server-browser menu scene

  • Added accessing store & skins inventory from menu

  • Added upgraded gun variants to mystery boxes

  • Added skins system! - detailed info coming soon

    • Gun Case #1 - Obtained from the Store tab or daily login rewards with prime!
  • Added gift purchasing! - You can now gift-purchase players gamepasses, cash & the new skin crates from the Store tab


  • Armory-only weapons are no longer locked to the pass and can be unlocked with levels.

  • Can now unlock RPG for $1,000,000

  • Future new players now start with $1000

  • Re-added mechanic to repeatedly perform a finish on dead bodies

  • Increased crate spawns in Standard

  • Scout price $7500 → $6000

    • Refill $800 → $600
  • SKS armor pen 0.75 → 0.72

  • Mobile can now hold 5 hotbar slots instead of 3

  • Improved overall brightness and color correction (07-EXTENDED)

  • Lots of other small changes & tweaks

  • Fixed dropping cash in casual

  • Lots of other bug fixes

We appreciate all the support for the game, this update took thousands of hours of time and we’re hoping to see lots more content rolling out throughout this year.

In regards to the new skins system, our community manager will do an announcement sometime giving more info about this new large addition to the game and the future of it.