Criteria for Job invites

Currently it is extremely annoying to receive job invites that does NOT offer any payment

I clearly state in my Creator page that I will only accept offers with USD payment

However 99% of my invites does not meet my requirements

I keep getting invites that offers less than minimum wage, revenue share or a few hundred USD worth for the entire project

This has to stop


Some people abuse the invite system and invite every single person who has that particular skill they need listed on their profile. I specifically put I am only doing VO commission work yet I get random invited for animation and modeling (and I don’t provide any examples of my work within those skills on my profile page either).

Maybe there should be a limit on how many people you can invite to a position in a day to prevent or slow down people who do this?

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The skills they require and the skills that a profile has should match before allowing any invitations


It would be great to have the option of only receiving invites with specific payment options and minimum payment amounts.

Also support your idea for the skill matching requirement, received several invites from people asking me to build their simulators for 100 robux. (I’m a programmer lol)


Only accepting invites from 18+ and verified users should also help with the process

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