Critical Bug regression: Studio camera is unusable

This was fixed for a couple weeks I think, but now it’s back and worse than ever. I updated my nvidia drivers yesterday so that might have something to do with it. This bug makes the studio viewport unusable.

Edit: found the original thread: Excessive lag when moving the mouse in studio

MicroProfiler dump:

This needs to be prioritized. The only thing I can do in studio right now is write code - can’t build, can’t test, can’t develop games.

Edit: Rolling back nvidia drivers had no effect. Not sure what I can do on my end.

Edit: This bug also affects the script editor

Edit: Apparently this is an issue with certain USB drivers where having a high mouse polling rate will cause some programs to not refresh while the mouse is moving. I was able to fix it for myself by updating all my USB drivers.


The viewport completely freezes while I’m moving my mouse.

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