[CRITICAL] I lost 1 week~ worth of script history

The Bug
I was scripting in the studio like I usually do when my computer blue screened. This is quite common for me so I didn’t think anything of it. When I got back into the studio I noticed my scripts had been reverted, my script recovery feature didn’t work/nor did reverting back to a previous version of the game (in the configure place screen).

Even my Autosave files have the old published script in it.

I am assuming that all my scripts reverted back to the last time I clicked “publish” which was over a week ago, and in that time period, I have lost all my work from those two points.

I should note that I thought drafts were disabled on the place as this is usually one of the first things I do when creating a new place. Is it possible that something caused Drafts to be enabled?

I was in the drafts beta.

Details of what exactly went on

  • Drafts were enabled
  • I blue screened
  • I lost all my new changes to scripts since the last time I clicked publish
  • Team Create is enabled
  • There was another user in the Team Create at the time
  • There were no unpublished/drafts in the Draft tab

Possibly related?

Feature request !

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To clarify, when you opened your Team Create place (the cloud place, and not the local autosave), drafts were missing still? Or were they only missing in the local autosave?

Can you provide the information requested by How to post a Bug Report such as placeId and log files?

If you go to %localappdata%/Roblox/Sandbox/PLACEID/USERID, does that folder exist? Is there anything in it? If it exists & is not empty, can you DM the @bug-files group a zip of the folder? (You will need to upload to Google Drive/etc since the devforum does not support zip files)

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There was nothing in Drafts yes.

Place ID 4749521942 or https://www.roblox.com/games/4749521942/Game

I also DM’d my logs to that same group

AMD Ryzen 5 1500X Quad-Core Processor
24.0 GB

Speed:	2400 MHz
Slots used:	4 of 4
Form factor:	DIMM
Hardware reserved:	48.6 MB

Available	14.7 GB
Cached	14.8 GB
Committed	13.1/27.5 GB
Paged pool	666 MB
Non-paged pool	271 MB
In use (Compressed)	9.1 GB (20.4 MB)

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB
Driver version:
Driver date: 5/09/2018
DirectX version: 12 (FL 12.1)
Physical location: PCI bus 9, device 0, function 0

Utilization	24%
Dedicated GPU memory	1.8/3.0 GB
Shared GPU memory	0.1/12.0 GB
GPU Memory	2.0/15.0 GB

It looks like when your computer bluescreened, we were in the process of saving your drafts to the filesystem, and the unexpected shutdown caused the files to be corrupted. The corrupted files are:

  • Our internal Draft metadata (which is why nothing is appearing in Drafts)
  • The Stages ModuleScript

Unfortunately, your ModuleScript’s changes are lost forever, but the other drafts you had checked out are still there. If you open the .lua files you PMed me, you can copy their contents & paste them into the appropriate scripts. You are looking for the files that don’t end in -BASE (these are the versions of the scripts when they were originally checked out to drafts)

We have created an action item on our end to write to drafts in a way that prevents corruption like this in the event of an unexpected shutdown.