CRITICAL - Mass sound asset failures

In accordance to a new precedence set by roblox that we’re able to use licensed sound assets, it seems like roblox is tightening access to sounds, both through the website and through the official API endpoint for downloading assets.

Now I’m unable to retrieve any sound assets in studio, including those uploaded by me, or others in a group Team Create place:

When loading the following URLs on the website, I can’t see these sounds at all on the web page:

When attempting to download the asset directly through the new API endpoint (the one succeeding…), I get the following JSON:

      "message":"User is not authorized to access Asset."

And when, I use this endpoint to get some metadata:
I get this JSON:


I’m assuming “CreatorTargetID” is the userID of the person who created this asset. That means that, 36368344 being my userID, I am the creator of this asset.

Which means that both studio and the website are locking me out of access to my own sound assets.

I’m guessing this is part of an attempt to restrict access for people to use random sound assets that are copylocked and created by others. I fully support this idea, as many paid sound packs require as part of their license that you don’t distribute their sounds in the way the Library system does. HOWEVER, it looks like not only this system is preventing me from using my own sound assets, I am concerned that it will block me from using sound assets uploaded from others in a group project, via Team Create or just places that we have shared access to.

Edit: looks like this got ninja’d just as I was writing this post. Seems to be happening in live games as well:


Unions are also just failing to load now, I think it just got a whole lot worse.

This is also happening to me as well on a separate game.