[Critical] Unable to connect with Studio or Player


This is a critical issue. Within the last few minutes, (about 3:00PM PST) it seems the platform has gone down. I cannot connect to Roblox through either Studio or Player. In both cases, I get an error stating that they are unable to connect. I know it’s not my internet because I can connect to the dev forum and other sites on the web like Facebook and YouTube.

Additional Information

Parameter Value
Problem Area Most of the platform
Problem Component Studio and Player
First Noticed 20 June 2024 @ 15:00 PDT
Priority Critical
Impact Critical
Annoyance Level Critical


I expect to be able to connect to the platform.




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After I posted this, I see there is now a notice that Roblox staff is investigating the issue. Great timing.


Experiencing the same issue, hopefully they fix it soon.

hear me out… what if you wait patiently for the servers to go back up