Criticism on speedrun game

I am working on a sci-fi speedrun type game in which the stages gradually get harder.

I am looking for honest feedback and criticism so I can have some ideas on what to fix, change and implement to see what could make the game more engaging.

Thank you!

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Hey there Nebula i got some feedback for you and you asked for honest feedback so here we go:


I just completed a tutorial on getting players to click on your game and one thing i’ve noticed which i think dosent fit well to your game is your title. Now you advertise the game as a speed run game but its more of a obby. Now a way you could combine the two is by naming your game something like Speedrun Obby or something like that because when i joined the game i thought it was going to be a game like Speed Run 4 but its not.


Heres some things to improve gameplay/engagement:

  • A timer, will make it more of a speedrun game
  • Change how you get to levels, right now it may confuse some players on how to play the game and i suggest changing it to sort of portals possibly where once you reach the end of a level there is a portal which teleports you to the next level.
  • Add some form of gem/coin system so after doing something you collect some form of currency which you can spend on cosmetics, pets, trails or even some form of boosts i.e a skip a level boost or something like that. Also a monetisation idea.

Sorry i can’t go into more detail but right now i don’t know what to critique you on.


Thank you for you feedback!

In stage 1 and 2 it begins off slow then it increases in speed later on, so I agree it is like an obby but it’s also more of a mixture with a speedrun, perhaps the part which starts off could be removed.

Apart from that, the ideas look great. Thank you for your time!

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