Criticize my game

So I tried playing my game with my friends and ask them for feedbacks but they just say it’s good 10/10 and leave thus not playing it again

So I’m asking for anything negative about it that you can brutally tell me which could help me improve it further

Game link:


I like that you have a height indicator. Is there anyway you could colour it to match which section a player is in at any given time?
Your leaderboard seems to have fallen partly through the floor.
I appreciate the checkpoint function, but it did take me a little while to find it. Perhaps make that more prominent.
The repeated use of close proximity/blocking bricks does get frustrating. A game is meant to be enjoyed.


How to make a height indicator? I have a game where it will be interesting to have this.

Here’s some feedback that would improve your game:

  • Starting off with the UI, not terrible, pretty good in my opinion actually.
  • You should definitely improve the name, icon, and thumbnail of the game whenever you can. “Tower of Infinity” honestly probably already exists and it’s just really generic. However, I really liked how you added a height indicator. Maybe you could base the name off of that? As for the icon and thumbnails, just make them a bit less generic as well, just something to make it stand out.
  • Right when I join the game, I genuinely thought it was sort of low-quality. I look at the straight green block I’m standing on, and then the random low-poly portal, which don’t work too well together, but that’s the good part. (The teleporter is also floating just slightly btw) If you’re going to add those tiny clumps of grass to your build, however you arranged then now just isn’t very appealing. Especially how they contrast each other. In most cases, contrasting can look pretty good, but for whatever reason, it just doesn’t in this case.
  • For your Halos’ little, section, maybe add a shop around it or something less bland than just the word “Halos” and a dummy under it.
  • You can also do a similar thing with the leaderboard. The model itself looks fine, just maybe something around it to make it look just a little bit nicer.
  • Now for the obby. I didn’t feel like spending time completing the entire course, but from what I can see, the majority of it is just blocks. This automatically makes your players think the obby is going to be too easy that they just decide to leave. (That kind of depends on the player though) You should really make more obstacles rather than just different colored parts. Add wall jumps, stud jumps, kill bricks, there’s many things you can do. As someone who has made an obby before by hand, there’s so many different things you can do.

Overall, your obby definitely needs some rework, but it’s not the worst I’ve seen. It could just do SO MUCH better in my opinion. I’m sure there were a few things I missed so maybe grab a friend you know won’t just praise your game and have them point out places that could be improved as well.