Critique my drawing

This is my first time making something like this if you have any suggestions or critique’s they would be much appreciated.


It’s okay but I don’t like how bright is the sun and the character is.

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You, really done a great job on your drawing piece looks. Quite good so far like all the details you added to!!

My Suggestions

  • The character looks a little plain i would suggest,you give it some color on his body so it would look like he got clothes on. And i would add some grass in the terrain part and add some rocks to it!

  • You could give the character some hair and add. Some eyebrows to him and different details to the land part, such as bushes, trees, flowers, and others. Also i would fix the arms a little bit more they look a little to small! if your making a character out of roblox i would suggest you make the arms more. Bigger and fix the body a little more as you see the torso looks a little to big!!


  • As for the sky try, adding a dark blue color to it i would recommend! that and you should fix up the legs instead of drawing the rectangle. Ones as showed below as a example.


But over all your really, done a great job on your first drawing. Hope to see more of your work very soon keep up the good work!


The torso is a bit odd. It’s too large.

Image needs a stronger stroke and could have better colors to it.


Thanks I really appreciate your input.

K ill go work on that right now thanks for the input

Give the poor guy some clothes!!


Try to make his elbows more rounded, they look too pointy.

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Hey I like this, it’s so cute lol


The overall concept is nice however it lacks similarities to roblox. Colour schemes, shapes and size of the character could all be altered to reflect roblox.

The image follows too much of a standardised colour scheme and lacks detail.

However for a first attempt it’s pretty good!

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Your colours look too bright and in my opinion, it looks a bit too glossy.
Although you have the sun in the drawing, it’s hard to see an origin of light. I would recommend you use more shadowing and if you’re focusing on drawing a Robloxian, you should work with strictly rectangles and squares as this is a 2D image.

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I don’t know what you went for but right now it looks like an exhibitionistic Roblox noob

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Hey man! Looks pretty good awesome work.

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