Critique On My LaserTagGun System

Looking for some honest critique on my gun system. Its a drag and drop system so all you need to do is just well, drag and drop everything under the folder into the corresponding place. It currently has no sound, I’m just looking to make sure I have a strong base to improve upon/use in my first game.


Honestly Looks amazing keep up the good work.

Thankyou, I’m planning on making a laser tag game much like the games in “Ender’s Game.” A deathmatch style game where one team has to get to the enemy’s base and touch it to win.

You got this !!!
-awesomeandergameing | Builder

Looks great!

Keep it up :slight_smile:

Also, Make a automatic version :slight_smile:

I will. In this project I was mainly focusing on the system itself instead of the guns. I wanted to create a system that could be easily used for different gun models to streamline the weapon creation for my game. In a week or two I’ll release my weapons pack with the finished weapons and ask for critique.