Cross-Platform FocusV2 V.1.0.0

Module for some things!

What is this module?

This is used for Live Events and is for Cross-Platform. However, there might be some bugs i can’t fix. If you have the knowledge to fix it, please tell me in the comments.

How do you use it?

Not Simple, but easy to learn. We put our module script in ServerScriptService and make a script in workspace and put in this code in our script:


If you don’t have the module, the module is free and no credits is required (only if you want to), here’s the link: Module Link

Is it open source?

Yes! Free to use and no credit as said. Extremely modable!

Here’s how the module looks like:

  • Good
  • Needs a fix!

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V.1.0.0 - Release


tell me the bug or smth you want and not just vote “It needs a fix” because I need details what it is, I’m not a wizard that knows everyones mind

I’m really confused about what the module does, maybe you could add more clarity to your post?

Was this supposed to be a video? I have no idea what’s going on here

Could you elaborate on this? How is it for live events and cross-platform [stuff]?