Cross Server Gui

I was wondering if there is a way to make script that sends a gui for people to click on to each server that have players play the game? I been trying but nothing works can someone give me and example not even the roblox devhub helps

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Because there is not a function to do it.

You need to make your own “function” and you should use MessagingService


alright any way i would start it

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also thank YOU so much i got it.

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You would first learn how to use MessagingService if you don’t: Cross-Server Messaging, MessagingService

Basically messaging service uses topics where you post your data. Other servers are able to listen to topics to get the data sent.

In every server you would have a script with this code.

MessagingService:SubscribeAsync("TopicName", function(data)
    --This is the callback function which fires when data is posted on the topic
    --Show the gui here

The data parameter is not what you sent but a table containg what you sent and the unit time at which the data was sent. You can get the data sent with data.Data

To send data use

MessagingService:PostAsync("TopicName", content)

The topic name has to be the same or it will post on another topic and the other part of the script would not receive the data.

I suggest researching the APIs on remote events and replicated services. This probably isn’t the answer you want, but in the end it is very good practice to utilize as a developer for your future problems.

IF these don’t make sense, it’s okay. Youtube is also to your availability, maybe watch those videos and come back to the API reference documents after.

Memory Store Serverlist - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox


alright i am going to test now