Cross-Server Matchmaking Module

Isn’t it interesting how MessagingService, despite being implemented differently to DataStoreService, could fulfil the same function?


DataStoreService is definitely not an efficient way of doing this, and it’s no coincidence they fulfil the same function, up until this point everyone has been using datastores, when MessagingService is much more reliable and efficient. Datastores are an extremely hacky and buggy method of communicating between servers.


Consider the fact that messaging service was made specifically for communications between liver servers and datastore service was not.

The service can also communicate very quickly with a recieving server picking up messages < 1 second after it was sent.

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I knew someone was gonna make a matchmaking module the moment I saw this feature come out.

If I understand correctly, this module picks one server to act as the master matchmaker and collects all the userids of players waiting to be matched?


True. It’s worth noting that someone could’ve implemented a third-party function library that fulfils the very same purpose and entirely utilises DataStoreService. Rate limits and latency cases may apply … but still.

I’ve tried DataStores for this approach in the past and it is completely UNUSABLE. Two big issues out of many are that the DataStore throttling that occurs basically ruins it and DataStore:GetAsync() cache makes sending data almost useless.

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Have you yet consulted UpdateAsync?

Aye; Rōblox have done good work for implementing this feature. Someday, Rōblox could allow these messages to be interacted with outside the game instance using web sockets and/or HTTP pooling. It might not be a certainty though.

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UpdateAsync has a 6 second cooldown and throttles otherwise, any game over 1000 players can make this throttle almost instantly.


This module has been updated! Check out the open source place file:

Module/code posted on this thread is now old and is currently only updated on this place file.


Can you explain what do you mean by production level games? I am guessing games with a high player count…?

Also since it has been updated, is it safe to use this in games with atleast 1k to 2k players? (Not like I am ever going to have this many players but just asking)

It means don’t use in a live game, it can potentially break.

I can’t give an accurate answer to your second question however after seeing countless Bug reports related to MessagingService I’d stay away from it.

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Is it ready for production use?

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Is the module ready for production use?


The bugs and issues came because people exceeded the 1kb data limit per request. Keep the data under 1kb, and you are good to go.

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The limit isn’t 1kB due to a bug, it is actually 976B (comfirmed by Roblox staff).

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Although a thousand bites differ somewhat from the 976B (as you mentioned, interesting post by the way!), I doubt that those few bytes (akin to a few characters in the data) were enough to trigger these “bugs”.

Thinking back at the original post I answered, I don’t know if the data limit was at fault anyway. Well, thanks for sharing that link, I’ll remember that for the future!

Yeah, the “size of message” limit didn’t cause those bugs (which are fixed by now I think).
By the way, 1kB is 1024B (at least in Roblox). :slight_smile:

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Due to the release of MemoryStores, I will be releasing a V2 of this Matchmaking Module very soon! It will include:

  1. Server browsing with simple to update server parameters such as map, game mode and number of players.

  2. Matchmaking! Players can be put into servers with other players through a matchmaking queue based on MMR.


Any update on this update you mentioned?

Haven’t had time to work on this anymore. There is another post on the forum with a functioning matchmaking module.