Cross-server party system [HELP]

Hihi! I am trying to make a basic party system to invite friends from other server.However, I have completely no knowledge on how to accomplish this, so how am I able to do so? Steps,Reference or anything that can make me understand easily would be really appreciated

Read the docs,search for ‘cross’ or something, I know there’s this thing called cross server messaging or slmething

I have already read those and I couldnt think of how I could make the Party Invite system

I think I have a concept for this. When inviting a player, immediately get the player’s userId. Then, use TeleportService:GetPlayerPlaceInstanceAsync() to find if they are in a server of the game, and if they are in the current server. If they are in the current server, simply invite them directly. If they are in a different server, broadcast their UserId and any extra information to other servers using MessagingService. If a server finds that the target player is in the current server, it sends the invite, which upon being accepted, teleports the player to the server that the party leader is with teleport data of the party to join upon being teleported.

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What if the server size was only 1. So how do I make it Virtually Party, Ima Define virtually party. its like a party but not in the same server