CrossData ProfileService

Hello, I am curious about how do we use the profileservice on an another game ? Like a crossdata.

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What type of a thing you need it for?

I am not a ProfileSerice of Datastore expert but i can say if its just a “Global Data” like “Nation Points” or “Total Wins/Loses since the Start of Game” you can use Github, I do it for my Nation Points and Updating Item Data live without needing to update or shutdown roblox servers.

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if u are talking about data like in those games where player start in single player server and then it can customize its character and save it, and when it plays it transferred to another “game” and its customizations loaded. if thats what u want or something similar to that, all places of an experience uses same datastore, so its not like “game” rather they use places and that question answered before.

if u were talking about across experiences then I think u need to use external API for that.

Not necessary a crossdata for character customization but yeah it is kinda the same idea, I wanna save the XP from a main game but make it works on another game.

Do you mean two separate places in the same game, or do you mean two separate games? The difference is described here, where ‘Experience’ describes a game.

  • If it’s the former: you can just read from the same datastore, see the documentation here.

  • If it’s the latter:

    • AFAIK you’re out of luck unless you create your own external database and interface with it via HttpService.
    • You could potentially dump your current datastore and restore it to an external DB using OpenCloud API if you already have data. Note: I haven’t checked the limits etc - and I’m incredibly doubtful the limits are anywhere near what would be required for this - but there may be some way to have rolling sync operations here too, though I doubt at the rate you would need for people to hop into another game.

If you read my main question I said I use ProfileService and not Datastore.

Yeah, I saw that. By ProfileService you mean ProfileService by Loleris, right?

That uses Roblox’s DataStores - it’s essentially the exact same thing, ProfileService just acts as a wrapper around DataStoreService to make it easier to work with.

If you’re talking about the GlobalUpdates feature that still won’t work across different experiences; you will only be able to access data from different places within the same experience.