Crossroads Remastered

Link to place

Nearly 2 years ago I decided to remake Crossroads for a larger project of mine. At the time the change was pretty drastic but recently, I decided to give that version of Crossroads a facelift.

Full album of multiple comparison shots

There are a few things here and there that need to be patched up. The game also uses a huge amount of Union parts so after joining, the place might flicker like crazy for a couple of minutes. Once it settles and everything properly loads your framerate should return to a solid 60fps. Sometimes rejoining after about a minute works. I’ll probably cut down the amount of unions later to fix this.


It is AMAZING. I only got to 40 FPS when looking at most of the map though.

Yeahhh I figured if someone really wanted to Ninja Warrior it up the tower, who am I to turn them down?

i still think that tower is one of the prettiest things on roblox, reminds me of DISNEYLANNNNNND