Crown Inn & Suites Version 2

Crown Inn’s long awaited Version 2 is here!!!

Since early March, our development team have been working extreamly hard to push out our version 2. The architecture of the game was done by @guitarman707. Programming of the game was done by @guitarman707 & Actioncard.


[Juice Bar] - Grab some soda from the juice bar and explore the resort!

[Waterpark] - As you saw a small waterpark in V1, we completely revamped the park with an amazing new waterslide!

[Movie Theater] - As you saw the ocean movie in V1, we completely changed it around! In V2, you can now relax in our theater and watch some shows with other players!

[Crown Jump!] - Run into Crown Jump with some friends and jump all day!

[Crown Premium] - With amazing features, buy Crown Premium today to recieve awesome perks!

[Crown Rooms] - With an amazing new design, check yourself into a room and relax!


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Game Credits

Other contributors may not be listed

Actioncard - Programmer & Project Co-Overseer

Guitarman707 - Main Development & Project Overseer

CodedBIox - Main UI