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Chicken Restaurant Roleplay

Update Log - Last Edited 05/31/24

🍗 Welcome to Chicken Restaurant Roleplay! We specialize in serving the most scrumptious chicken wings, cooked to perfection. Whether you prefer them spicy, tangy, or classic, our menu is bound to tempt your taste buds. Our friendly staff are here to ensure a delightful experience for both customers and employees!

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Current Version: 1.0.0

Released June 14, 2024

Version History


Patch Notes

  • Added revamped cooking and cashier system
  • New tipping process
  • NPC customers with the chance of tipping cashiers (up to R$ 200 per month)
  • Inventory system with customizable effects and appearances
  • New limited-time items in the shop
  • Random rushes which allow for bonus points, tips, and experience
  • Minor bug fixes and quality of life improvements

Map Designer - @Symfunny
Builder - @willcq & @vasculature & @britali
Programmer - @edvwards

Development Team

Creative Director - @Symfunny
Builders - @willcq & @britali
Programmers - @edvwards
Artists - @ValericDSGN & @JxstSnowy
Animators - N/A
Designers - N/A
Modelers - N/A