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:wave:Welcome to the Crunchyz Public Handbook. This handbook is your guide and information for everything you need to know at Crunchyz. By underlining key information such as our in-game rules, promotional tips, how to ally, and much more… this handbook allows you to grasp a better understanding of our establishment. If you have any questions, feel free to open a ticket in our communications server.

Crunchyz Community Guidelines

Crunchyz Community Guidelines

Crunchyz has enforced these guidelines in order to keep both our game and our community safe. We ask that you read through this carefully. This will help you get a better understanding of how our rules are, and what is and is not tolerated.

Roblox Guidelines

We kindly ask that our players follow the community guidelines that have been set by Roblox. Failure to comply with Roblox guidelines will result in a disciplinary action, depending on the severity.

Respect here at Crunchyz is essential for the comfort of both staff and customers. Being respectful in Crunchyz’s games is non-negotiable. Disrespect in any form will not be tolerated and will result in a disciplinary action.

Trolling under any circumstances is prohibited within the Parlor, even if in a joking manner. The first offense of trolling will result in a warning. Any instance of trolling after the first offense will resort to more serious disciplinary actions. When ordering from our Parlor, we ask that you refrain from ordering more than three items. Examples of Trolling are; Disrespect, Falsely ordering, Harassment, Spamming, Discrimination, Threats, etc.

Exploiting is in no way allowed in the Crunchyz Parlor or within the server. If you are caught exploiting in any manner, it will instantly resort in a P-Ban. Evading your permanent ban with an alternative account is also prohibited, and will result in that account being permanently banned. Examples of Exploiting are; Glitching, Flinging, Teleporting, Flying, etc.

NSFW or any form of inappropriate behavior are not tolerated here at Crunchyz. Any inappropriate avatars, usernames, or display names will also be monitored. We ask that you refrain from saying, using, or doing any inappropriate or offensive behavior. Extras If you see anyone breaking the rules stated above, please reach out to a MR+, preferably if there is one in-game. In some instances, reaching out to HR+ is allowed.

Crunchyz Protocol
Our protocol with dealing with these situations are as follows:
Warn → Server ban → Permanent Ban

General Staff Guidelines


At Crunchyz , we do not tolerate point cheating, under any circumstances. If we receive a report that you have been point cheating, you will receive consequences accordingly. In addition, time cheating is also not allowed.


As much as you are free to wear whatever you want, please ensure your clothing is deemed appropriate. If we consider your attire inadequate, you’ll be kindly asked to change your outfit. If you do not abide by this rule, you’ll be demoted.


As a staff team member here, we expect you to be respectful not only to higher ranks but to customers, as your job is to serve them and treat them with the utmost respect. Disrespect towards anyone won’t be approved. LRs are also not required to use grammar.


At Crunchyz , the Staffing Department hands out promotion to employees who have surpassed expectations, in behavior and service. Depending on the severity of your case, you may get Staff Blacklisted upon hinting, meaning you will not be able to join our Management Team.

Recipe Guide


Promotion Guide

As an MR+ here at Crunchyz, we expect our staff to be dedicated in achieving our company’s goals, which is also beneficial for Crunchyz reputation. And with that, if you are looking forward to further dedicate your time here at Crunchyz , here are some DOs and DON’Ts to be eligible for a promotion:


Actively attending training and shift sessions.
Constantly engaging with people at the discord server.
Putting in effort in all given tasks.
Ability to exceed or meet given requirements.
Overall performance.
Showcase leadership qualities and professionalism.


Negative attitude.
Bad reputation/history.
Builds a bad relationship with peers by competing unnecessarily.

Training Schedule

Here at Crunchyz we offer a variety of training times to fit across the timezones. Below you can find the session times:

3 AM EST / 12 AM PST / 8 AM BST / 7 AM GMT / 5 PM AEST
7 AM EST / 4 AM PST / 12 PM BST / 11 AM GMT / 9 PM AEST
11 AM EST / 8 AM PST / 4 PM BST / 3 PM GMT / 1 AM AEST
3 PM EST / 12 PM PST / 8 PM BST / 7 PM GMT / 5 AM AEST
7 PM EST / 4 PM PST / 12 AM BST / 11 PM GMT / 9 AM AEST
10 PM EST / 7 PM PST / 3 AM BST / 2 AM GMT / 12 PM AEST
1 AM EST / 10 PM PST / 6 AM BST / 5 AM GMT / 3 PM AEST
Want to see if a session is being hosted/has been claimed or not? Check out our public session board! It shows which sessions have been claimed and such:

:link: LINK: TBA

Affiliation Program

Here at Crunchyz you can join our affiliate program by filling out the questions that are provided below! Please read over our requirements to make sure that you are eligible to form an alliance with us.

:lollipop:Alliance Requirements

· Your establishment’s group should have a member count of 500. Exceptions can be made if the group is seen as highly active or beneficial in another way.
· Your establishment’s communication server should have a minimum member count of 150, this is excluding bots and alternate accounts.
· Your establishment should be in the business industry, this includes cafes, hotels, juice bars etc. We accept occasional clothing groups.
· The establishment should be active and growing at a steady pace.
· Your establishment should be actively responding to our weekly check ins.

If your establishment meets these requirements, please answer the questions that are provided below and open a Relations Inquiries ticket in the support channel of the main server.

:ice_cream: Alliance Questionnaire

  1. Please state the name of the group and give a brief summary of what your group has to offer.

  2. Please enter your group’s social links.

  3. How can you benefit Crunchyz, and in return, how can we benefit you?

  4. What kind of history does your group have? Have you ever sold the group, given it to another person, sold MR+ ranks, etc.?

  5. Please state who your two representatives will be.

Once the answers have been submitted, please give our team up to 24-48 hours to discuss and make a final decision.

Intern Recommendations

Noticing a Head Staff doing amazing in their job at Crunchyz? Any MR+ staff member can recommend a promotion for them. Keep in mind, staffing department members have the right to deny these requests. In order to get recommended, an MR+ must DM a staffing member on your behalf with the recommendation. Arguing will result in consequences. It is not easy to join our MR+ team.

In order to qualify, Head LRs must:

Be in the Crunchyz Communications Server
Be extremely active in our ROBLOX game and in our communications server
Be professional
Utilize and showcase proper grammar when necessary
Have a good understanding of how to work as an LR at Crunchyz in order to build off of that to learn MR+ skills
Understand our rules and regulations
Understand basic procedures

Keep in mind, you must uphold these qualities and qualifications in order to be promoted. If you are promoted and stop upholding them, you are subject to termination.

Rank Information


Staff Assistant - The first rank of the Management Team, helps with assisting and training at the Training Center.
Kitchen Supervisor - Second rank of the Management Team, helps with assisting and training at the Training Center and can now host shifts.
Assistant Manager - Third rank of the Management Team, helps with now hosting, co-hosting, training, and assisting at the Training Center. Also hosts shifts per usual.
Operations Manager - Fourth and final rank of the Management Team, helps with hosting, co-hosting, training, assisting, and now spectating at the Training Center. Also hosts shifts per usual.


Corporate Assistant - The first rank of the High Rank team, usually helps out the Management team and does work inside their department (Human Resources and Public Relations).
Operations Officer - Second rank of the High Rank team, like Corporate Assistants they usually help out with the Management Team and does work inside their department, but they are more experienced.
Corporate Director - The third and final rank of the High Rank Team, they are co-leads of their department and assign tasks to their department, also helping them out as well.


Presidential Assistant - The first Presidential team rank, assists in leading the departments along with the Vice Presidents.
Vice President - The second Presidential team rank, leads the departments and gives out tasks.
President - The third Presidential team rank, oversees the departments and makes sure everything is running smoothly.
Vice Chairwoman - Owner along with the Chairman, runs the entire group.
Chairman - Owner along with the Vice Chairwoman, runs the entire group.

Appeal Information

What are ban appeals?
Ban appeals are for if you have been banned off of the game, or would like to revoke a warning off. For permanent bans they are unappealable, so you will be wasting your time, and the staff’s time by submitting an appeal. Note that the staff doesn’t have to unban you, this is to possibly get your consequences revoked.

What to do for an appeal?
Submitting an appeal you must be professional, use grammar, and be respectful. Each question must have 4-5+ sentences, unless it is simply asking for a discord and roblox username. Appeals can take from 48-72 hours to be processed and determined, you may only send one appeal as sending multiple may result in other punishments and wastes our time. When submitting an appeal you must elaborate on what your ban was for, and why you should be unbanned. An example of something that will not work in appeals is “Help get me unbanned.” When elaborating on your ban, be professional when doing so. Do not ask for your appeal to be read once submitted, they will get to yours when going through them. Please make sure to read the rules and requirements on a ban, as if you don’t follow the rules and requirements it may give you a very low chance at your appeal being accepted.

Social Links

The Roblox Group:
Crunchyz - Roblox

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