Cryptic's Advanced Scripting Service [OPEN]


Hello :wave:! My name’s Jackie, I’ve been on Roblox for nearly 4 years and have been scripting for 2 1/2 years now. Started scripting as a hobby and have gotten serious over time. I have been doing commissions for half a year now and have been on the forum for some time. I’ve worked with tons of people over the years which gave me different experiences. When doing a commission, I try to meet deadlines as fast as possible and put customer’s satisfaction first :clock10:.

Showcase/Past Work

Personal Work






Shop w/ Inventory

Main Menu

Rising Lava

Boss Attack

Shift Sprint

Outfit Try On




I am available most days on the week when I am available from 2-4 hours a day :spiral_calendar:. On weekends however, I usually take the 2 days off as a break, but if you request an urgent commission, I try my best. My schedule is quite flexible and I usually try to finish a commission within hours. However, most commissions can take up from 2-5 business days depending on how much is needed to be done.

:earth_americas: Time zone: CST


When it comes to payment, I try to keep my prices as low as possible so that it works out for both sides :moneybag:. My most preferred payment method is Robux [Shirt or Gamepass ONLY] or giftcard of my choice. As of now, I am not doing USD but that will change in the future. :dollar:

Commission Guidelines

1. Follow Roblox Dev Forum’s basic guidelines :spiral_notepad:
2. No rushing. (Additional payment required if you want urgent a commission. :running_man:
3. May take a % of the full amount before starting. (Only applies if payment is over 5k) :money_with_wings:

NEW! INTRODUCING FREELANCING FOR GAMES! (Only doing simple and small games atm)

Small Commissions

1k - 5k Robux/$10 - $50 Giftcard

Medium Commissions

5k - 10k Robux/$50 - $100 Giftcard

Large Commissions

10k - 100k+ Robux/$100 - $1000+ Giftcard


15k - 100k+ Robux/$100 - $750+Giftcard


10k - 50k Robux/$100 - $500Giftcard


:envelope_with_arrow: You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at: Simply Logic :bulb: #5646

Thanks for reading, hope to work with you soon! :slight_smile:



Hey! I am interested in hiring you, your discord tag is invalid. Add me here Daniel.#5709

Can’t seem to add your on discord since your tag is invalid, I’d like to hire you for a open world Japanese rpg. Add me on discord: X²AliUltimate#3750

Hey @Aligami_Sanoru and @Radiant_Dev! Sorry for the confusion, my discord tag was recently changed to Cryptic.#5646. If you try again now, it should work.

Hey! I really like your work. I’m interested in hiring you, and I sent you a friend request on Discord so that we can discuss the offer further. I’ll hopefully talk to you soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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