Crystal Tail UGC Accessories

Made a reptile-like tail that has crystals of various colors scattered across the top. Intended as a UGC accessory.

One version is a more “clean” distribution of crystals, as expected for a reptile tail with spines running down it.

Version 1

Version 2 I made a crevice down the middle, exposing the rock in the center, with crystals growing out of the crevice. Like a geode.

Version 2

All are below the 1200 vertex limit. Colors may vary.

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Looks pretty good to me, but the crystal details compared to the actual tail part is a bit distracting, maybe it should look like light is reflecting through them?
It would be cool if you made corresponding back crystals, to go with them !

I did make some back crystals as well here:

One with a vertical pattern and one with a circular pattern


crystal cluster 1 no rock corner view
crystal cluster 1 side view
crystal cluster 2 back
crystal cluster 2 corner view

I do agree that the crystals could be better texture-wise, but as far as I know, Roblox still does not support any fancy maps like opacity, so they will have to remain opaque.
But I could try possibly doing a gradient or spots of lighter color instead of a solid color

Ayy cool ! For the crystals you can check what other creators, or roblox did for coloring solid crystals and use those as inspiration.

Crystals look great as glass. Not a fan of the plastic look.