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Version 1.0.0 | :handbag:

Available November 22, 2022

CSE Pro builds on the capabilities of CSE to bring many more features, QOL updates, bug fixes, and stability improvements.

UI & Theme

This starts off with completely re-designing CSE from the code it is built on to the UI you interact with. CSE Pro’s UI looks stunning on both light and dark mode.



Keypoint Indicators

Keypoint indicators are at the heart of CSE and CSE Pro. They show and let the user control where keypoints are on any given ColorSequence.

Keypoint indicators are now wider than ever to speed up workflow. With this change and the growing pain of moving a single indicator out from multiple, keypoint elevation is here!

Keypoint elevation dynamically updates keypoint indicators in real time any time the window is resized, the ColorSequence is updated, or when a keypoint indicator moves.

Color & Color Picker

In order to create a more accessible, easier to use, and feature-rich color picker that can stand on its own, an entirely new color picker would need to be constructed.

Starting from nothing, a new, more accessible and versatile color picker was built. RGB, CMYK, HEX, and HSV color spaces, color backtracking and hue shifting, and a HSV-based color selector were merged together into one, compact GUI.

Introducing Color Picker 1.0.1!


In alignment with the topic of color, the place to open the color picker has changed. The Color Picker should now be opened from the button on the toolbar.


ColorSequence Saving

Re-making the same ColorSequence over and over is tiring. ColorSequence saving eliminates the need for this by saving ColorSequences within the plugin when you leave a session and loading them when you join a session.

Clicking on the “Save” button on the toolbar opens a concise menu. One to save, one to open.


Managing your saved ColorSequnces can be done with the
“View Save ColorSequences” button.


All your ColorSequences are kept in this compact UI. Clicking on any ColorSequence opens up a 2-option menu for loading and deleting the selected ColorSequence.


A maximum of 150 ColorSequences can be saved.

Quality of Life Improvements

Small changes can make so much of a difference. CSE Pro expresses this in so many ways.

[Smart Selection] allows CSE Pro to remember what keypoint indicator you selected and selects it again when needed.

[Universal Auto Highlight] changes the way you interact with a TextBox. By focusing on any TextBox, text is automatically highlighted.


[Universal Equation-Similification] redefines how values are typed. All TextBoxes accept math equations and are simplified in real time.



[Snap Scale] is a super handy tool in many cases like equally spacing keypoint indicators.


[Touchdown Indicator] shows the user if it is possible to add a new keypoint and exactly where the new keypoint will be added depending on the user’s mouse position.



[Smooth Switching] allows CSE Pro to open even without selecting a
ColorSequence-compatible object. This makes CSE Pro more than just a ColorSequence editor for objects, but for general use as well.

If a ColorSequence-compatible object is selected while CSE Pro is open, CSE Pro instantly updates to match the selected object’s ColorSequence value. From then to changing object selections, CSE Pro will update the selected object’s ColorSequence value.

[“Other” Toolbar Button"] is comprised of a variety of tools for quick but impactful actions.


Exporting by LuaU is a great feature for programmers to easily design a ColorSequence and export it to LuaU code.

Reverse ColorSequence

Reversing a ColorSequence it very useful if you need to switch two end keypoint indicator colors.

Reverse Keypoints’ Colors

Reversing a ColorSequence’s keypoint colors is very similar to reversing a ColorSequence with the exception of only reversing the colors of a ColorSequence’s keypoints and not their positions.

Reset ColorSequence

Sometimes there are too many keypoint indicators to deal with and they all need to be removed at once. Reseting a ColorSequence is an easy way to do so.

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