CSG causes crash (not freeze) when brute-forced

With studio’s regular tools or with plain ol’ plugin:Union(), the attached selection doesn’t crash studio (just errors). When unioned with this plugin though, Studio crashes with “An unexpected error occurred and ROBLOX needs to quit.” Even though it only crashes when that plugin tries to union it (not the default tool), I don’t imagine CSG is supposed to crash studio ever, so thought I’d post this here in case there’s some elusive, rarely-occurring bug that this repro might be able to help squash.

CSGBruteForceCTDRepro.rbxl (38.5 KB)

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CSG likes to crash my studio alot whenever I’m using it.

What’s the difference between a plugin and the user uniting it anyways?

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None. If you just do plugin:Union(tableOfReproParts) it doesn’t crash. Somehow I’m able to get it to crash studio though.

If I select the parts in that place and click Intersect, it tells me that the CSG cannot be made (which is the same as doing it manually) and then adds a bunch of extra parts. It appears the plugin is not catching errors or cleaning up when it fails, but not crashing.

There are two parts of the plugin. One is Intersect and the other one is Brute Force. I never added in a button for the latter because it was quicker to just Ctrl+Shift+G. To use the brute force (what causes the crash), rebind the default union hotkey to something else (I prefer Shift+G) and then use Ctrl+Shift+G on the selection.

Sidenote: I should probably add a button for brute forcing because a lot of people think that it only does intersecting

Ah, I see. Now I get it. Are you attempting to Union things parented to nil? If so, this is a known issue that’s in our pipeline.


That would be the case. Thank you!

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