CSG Failures


Use the .rbxm file i provided


Oh, my bad. Forgot about the first post.


It’s all good man. We all make mistake. Let me know what happens!


Yup, you can see how the material is freaking out, as if it handled too much than it should.
You can see the same issue if you set the part’s size to it’s maximal size of 2048,2048,2048. It’s even more clear if you increase the size inside it’s Mesh object if it has one.


yep, experiencing this too, on every single union I make…


I’ve been having an issue with UnionAsync where some geometry fails to union far from the origin. It gives an error along the lines of:

Triangle limit exceeeded: limit 204, needed 818.

This is obviously erroneous as the triangle limit for unions is much higher than 204. If you move the parts closer to the origin, it unions totally fine. Additionally, every time there is an error, the ‘limit’ it cites is different.
At the moment for my game I use live CSG to union floors together, and this error occurs about 80% of the time (it usually doesn’t occur with fewer parts). I’ve temporarily fixed it by moving groups to (0,0,0) when I union them.

Here’s a repro file containing an example of parts that won’t union:
UnionRepro.rbxl (13.9 KB)

You can either run the place so the script in ServerScriptService calls UnionAsync, or you can manually union the parts through the taskbar - either method should give the same error. This is the same problem that @eric5283 mentioned a few replies up.

Also as a sidenote the error message spells ‘exceeded’ with three e’s haha

Union failed: Triangle limit "exceeeded" (Triangle limit bug)