[CSG] [Filtering Enabled] Innovation 747-8FS

Place: http://www.roblox.com/Innovation-747-8FS-Unofficial-Waiting-for-Physic-place?id=169526161

Ran out of time last night, next images were taken on an older computer.

You can’t enter the plane until CSG physics come out. Comments?

Sir, you have way too much time e.e

Good plane, and “AFK: Moderating” xD

Seeing NobleDragon was an HR in security for the ranks I was doing, I had to put him in, and I didn’t want to make a desk with him and a computer looking away. :stuck_out_tongue:



  1. Innovation Inc official
  2. Now can enter (Unions are CanCollide = false, with fake walls)
  3. Cafeteria gui fixed
  4. Seats fixed

I am hosting a change log now at the place (Description for now), and now my more /e commands are there.