CSG Offline

I noticed yesterday the right click menu and CSG do not work when offline, I imagine this is intentional, but I would prefer it if this wasn’t the case. Often I go on long train journeys and attempt to do a lot of work while I am on the train. Of course, this means I don’t have access to the internet throughout the journey. So I was trying to work on my new project yesterday but I found out that them two hours could not be put to the best use since I did not have access to CSG. Is it possible we could get it available in offline mode, I’d really appreciate it so that I can continue my work even without access to the internet?

I noticed this as well yesterday, I had some internet connection for a while and it died out, Studio crashed and there was no CSG option anymore. This is kind a sad when I unplug my internet cable for minimal distraction of forums etc so I can build and script.

Do we know why it requires internet?

Who knows? Almost everything in Studio requires an internet connection, as if they’re afraid someone will pirate Studio.

I really wish that studio supported more features for offline.

My internet goes down frequently.

This will be a problem as my internet is literally dying, it goes off for hours on end randomly. (Getting fibre optic in September woo)

I recently got fibre optic class internet connection and it’s so good. Finally Roblox doesn’t lag in every place I join.

And I plan to end to all of your woes soon with a Lua program to simulate a working connection.

Offline Studio also doesn’t have local axis, alt select, or SurfaceGUIs in Instance. Basically anything added after late 2013.

It’s a real inconvenience :frowning:

Work is progressing well…

[quote] Work is progressing well…


Nice HTTP proxy you have there. I could embed the Fiddler Core in a project of mine and easily simulate the same.