CSG Resize Broken

I was in studio like usual and I work with unions quite often. However, my entire building technique has been messed up due to a new glitch with Unions. If you create a union and resize it, you will get something like this:

Now you can only resize unions if you expand it like you would a cylinder mesh. It used to scale like a “Ball” where all the angles would size the union. Heres an example:

Can someone tell me what changed? I cannot work in these conditions. Thank you.

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Unions always scaled uniformly. I’m not sure what behavior you’re missing.

I think what he means is that he has to increase all 3 axes now before he sees an increase in the Union’s mesh. Before it would adjust the other 2 axes when you resized one of them.

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Yeah. I really hope it’s not an update.

So what you’re saying is that the mesh can’t scale outside of the bounding box?

Umm. No. I’m saying it used to scale if you moved any of the vertices. Now you have to adjust multiple sides just to scale.

cc @twberg @Silent137


Current weird behaviour: (I think it might be a transitional phase for resizing CSGs one axis at a time)

What it was closer to before:

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Is so annoying considering we have all adjusted to the older re-size form. I hope they find out whats wrong.

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Actually I guess this looks like a side effect of FormFactor deprecation…


Good game.

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Looks like it. I’ll add this to the bug list.


Many thanks, Silent.

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