CShade - Advanced Lighting (need feedbacks on how to improve!)

oh yeah, hi its me. builderity. so i was working on a realistic lighting recently, and i think it looks cool.
it looks like real life lighting.
here is a comparison of it:

With CShade

Without CShade

so yeah, thats all. i need feedbacks. how can i improve it?

What type of situations is this intended for? It would help if you can show more images corresponding to different occasions.


Hello! You must find a key balance between light and shadow at the same time.
I would say that without CShare it looks good visually in this situation, however, you must think where it falls and how it becomes, it would be great if it received diagonal lighting.
I hope this information is useful to you


this is mainly used for day times!
but however, im thinking to make it useful with nights too.

yeah uh bad news the sky broke so i cant make it for night times

This looks like you just turned down your graphics quality. The neon “windows” don’t glow in the without version and there are no sun rays. Are you seriously calling those effects your own creation or something?

The shadows are too soft IMO. Try turning ShadowSoftness down to 0.07, that always works for me.

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