CSV Data Export: Profits Incorrectly Labelled As Revenue?

After downloading a CSV file and doing some operations on it I tallied the revenue column and noticed it was 30% less than what developer stats reported revenue as.

This implies the CSV file is incorrectly labeling after-tax robux as “revenue” (which is used as a before-tax term everywhere else on roblox.com)

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IMO we should be shown all of the amounts pre-marketplace fee. So the revenue on the CSV should be equal to what you see on devstats


Definitely a pretty bad inconsistency.

Another thing is what is the difference between “Game Pass” vs “Game Passes”



Maybe that should be a separate column if anything, because I do want to be able to see at a glance exactly how many Robux I actually received in profit. It can be hard to get an exact translation between revenue and profits because of how Roblox rounds the transaction fee on uneven price points, it may not be exactly 70%.


I’m still seeing this too, the number shown is post-tax. It’d be great if it was addressed to show pre-tax.

An aside but somewhat related, I’m seeing random items pop up as revenue in the csv, for example shirts/pants in the catalog. I don’t know how this revenue is tied to my game, I don’t sell catalog items in the game, and they don’t appear in the revenue tab on the group page.