CSV Management For Translations Now in Creator Hub

Hey Devs!

We know many of you use CSVs to manage translations for your experience. We’re happy to announce today that CSV management for translations is now available in Creator Hub! You will no longer need to use the Studio localization plugin to upload and download CSVs.

At this time, CSV management will remain available only to users with edit access to the experience. You will see a new tab in the localization settings page called Table Management.

In this tab, you’ll see three buttons: Upload CSV, Download CSV, and Delete Table.

Upload CSV

Upload CSV in Creator Hub works the same as Update in the Studio localization plugin. This means entries that exist in the localization table but are missing from the uploaded CSV will not be deleted and will remain unchanged. Read more about expected upload behavior in our documentation.

The maximum localization table size is 10,000 entries, and the maximum file size is 2MB. CSV files exceeding these maximums will fail to upload. Additionally, a maximum of 1,000 entries can be changed per CSV upload. This means that if more than 1,000 entries are added or updated in a single upload, the upload will fail.


Download CSV

You can download the existing localization table for your experience as a CSV.

download csv2

Delete Table

Delete Table will enable you to delete the localization table in its entirety. If you only want to delete certain entries, you can:

  • Download the existing table
  • Use Delete Table to clear the whole localization table
  • Delete the unwanted entries from the downloaded CSV
  • Re-upload the CSV using Upload CSV


As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks!

Creator Translation Team


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:star: Thank you for these changes!

At this time, CSV management will remain available only to experience owners., does this mean that even if you have edit access from the group you’re not able to do it? If so when will this become available to everyone?


Great catch - it should be anyone with edit access to the experience (i.e. as long as you’re able to access the localization settings page, you should be able to access this tool). Post is updated to reflect this, thanks!


This is not something that has been given much attention by many devs, but it will really help a lot when translating our games, thank you!


Thank you, definitely will be helpful!